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Terms & Conditions

As part of its Quality Assurance Programme Smart City Prestige will always wish to be transparent in the conduct of its business. Accordingly, we have tried to ensure our Terms and Conditions are presented in an easy to understand format. Please note these Terms and Conditions are to be read in conjunction with your Quotation. Payment of your deposit confirms your acceptance of the quotation provided and the accompanying Terms and Conditions.


The quotation is fully inclusive of the vehicle hire with Chauffeur and all associated fuel costs and is based upon the information you have provided to us. Additional or subsequent destinations advised following acceptance of the quotation will need to be re-priced accordingly. Your acceptance will be required before the work can proceed. Standard ribbons in a colour of your choice and bottles of still water are also provided as a courtesy.

The quotation sets out the total number of hours for which the vehicle is contracted to you. Should your use of the vehicle exceed the total number of contracted hours, the excess is charged in multiples of 30 minutes at the Additional Hourly Rate specified on your quotation. For the avoidance of doubt, a 20 minute over run will be charged at 30 minutes. The payment for the additional time must be agreed and paid for in advance of the additional time being incurred. If outside of normal business hours, payment can be made directly to the Chauffeur. If additional hours are likely to be incurred, failure or refusal to pay the additional charges may well result in the hire being terminated with immediate effect.

The Minimum Hire period on any one booking on any single day is 3 (three) hours.

Parking charges are excluded unless otherwise stated on your Quotation.

It is extremely common for the contracted hours to be exceeded. We would advise, and it is more cost effective, to book an additional hour at the point of inception.


On confirmation of booking you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit equivalent to 25% of the total value of the booking. This payment ensures the vehicle will not be contracted to any other party on the contracted date during the hours of agreed hire. This is subject only to the remaining balance being received as cleared funds one calendar month prior to the hire date.

Payment can be made by direct bank transfer, debit or credit card. We are also able to accept cash payments.

Your payment is not transferrable. It applies specifically to the vehicle requested for the date and times of contracted hire and for the destinations specified.

Please note: Payment of your deposit confirms that you are accepting the quotation provided and that you have received and accept the Terms and Conditions provided to you.


Notice of cancellation of any booking must be given in writing and no later than 2 calendar months prior to the confirmed hire date. The Company will provide written confirmation of termination of agreement along with details of any monies payable or refundable in accordance with the hire agreement.

Please note: Should Notice of Cancellation be received after this date you will become liable for the remaining balance of the confirmed booking.

Safeguarding Our Chauffeurs and Our Vehicles

In order to ensure the safety of our Chauffeurs and maintain the highest quality standards that you, our Client, has come to expect smoking and the consumption of food in the vehicle is expressly forbidden.

Consumption of beverages is permissible but strictly at the Hirers risk. Any spillages which require professional valeting will be charged to the Hirer accordingly.

A comprehensive damage inspection of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle is undertaken prior to the vehicle leaving our premises and also on its return. The details of these inspections are recorded on a damage inspection sheet.

We understand that in the spirit of wedding festivities your party or associated parties may wish to be photographed in or around the vehicle. This is when damage is most likely to occur. We respectfully request that you inform all of your guests not to touch / lean on the vehicle/s. Any photography in or around the vehicle must be approved by the Chauffeur prior to it taking place.

Should any additional damage be noted as a direct result of any negligent or prohibited behaviour, you as the Hirer will become liable for the cost of any repair and loss of business whilst the vehicle is being repaired.

Our Chauffeurs are highly experienced and mature individuals who will always act with the greatest level of respect and discretion. Whilst in charge of the vehicle our Chauffeurs have complete authority to refuse any passenger, who by their behaviour in the opinion of the Chauffeur (who will be the sole judge) presents a threat to the Chauffeur, the vehicle, other passengers or road users.

Our Chauffeurs reserve the right to terminate hire with immediate effect should any member of your party, or associated parties, display any behaviour deemed to be unacceptable.

The Hirer is responsible for any damage that they or their party, or any associated parties, may have caused, howsoever caused. Costs for such damage will be invoiced directly to the Hirer at actual cost plus 15%. Costs may also include for loss of earnings whilst the vehicle is being repaired.

Decoration of the vehicle with ribbon must be undertaken by the Chauffeur only. If you wish to supply bespoke wedding ribbon, the Company will work with you to ensure a ribbon of acceptable quality from an approved manufacturer is selected. Poor quality ribbons have been known to create expensive damage to paintwork by leaking dye. Wedding ribbon of your choice WILL NOT be fitted without prior approval.

Please note: Under no circumstances will we allow anyone other than the Chauffeur contracted to you to drive the vehicle or occupy the driver’s seat, not even for photography.

Loss and Liability

Our vehicles are kept in pristine condition and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The Company cannot accept liability for unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to mechanical breakdowns, accident, punctures, severe traffic or weather conditions or any other event, act of God perceived to be outside of the control of Smart City Prestige.

In the unlikely event of a mechanical breakdown rendering the vehicle unsafe to drive or immobilising the vehicle we will use reasonable endeavours to either replace the vehicle for a similar vehicle from our fleet or at the very least provide alternative transportation.

Should we be unable to deliver in either regard we will refund all hire charges with a discretionary payment of a maximum of £100, thus ending our liability to you.

On conclusion of the hire the vehicle is thoroughly checked and cleaned on its return. If there are any items found you will be promptly notified and your goods will be made available for collection. In the unfortunate event that items are reported but however not found within the vehicle the Company cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the loss of any such items.


Smart City Prestige respects your right to privacy. We operate with absolute discretion and confidentiality. Our Chauffeurs are not permitted to take photos or request autographs, nor are they permitted to discuss the details of any particular assignment either prior to following completion.

Complaints Procedure

The Company prides itself on its customer care charter. However, should you have any cause for complaint we ask you to contact us in writing as soon as is practically possible but most certainly within 7 days of the hire date. Please provide as much detail as you possibly can. We promise to investigate your complaint fully. Wherever possible we will report our findings back to you and the action taken, and we endeavour to do this within 7 days of the receipt of your complaint.