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You’re Engaged! Now What?

23 Apr 2019

Getting engaged is a joyous occasion and a truly exciting time for a couple; however, it can be difficult to know where to begin after saying ‘yes’. Everyone who is planning their wedding knows the to-do list seems to be never-ending. Thinking about a wedding theme, choosing the floral arrangements, booking venues, deciding who to invite, etc.; there is always something that needs to be done.

Your head will quickly become filled with numerous ideas as you plan your perfect wedding day and, to some, this can be overwhelming. Here at Smart City Weddings, we want you to enjoy your newly-engaged status instead of stressing about the big day. We aim to help you prepare for the next steps. So, what should be your first decisions once you become engaged?

Think About a Date

It’s never too early to start thinking about what you want for your wedding, and one of the main things to consider is the date. With so many days out of the year, choosing the one that will work best for the wedding of your dreams is crucial.

There are many options to think about, including the time of year you wish to get married in (looking for sunny days or a gorgeous winter wonderland?) as well as the budget you’re working with. First decide how much you want to spend on your wedding, as that will make it easier to narrow down your choices. After all, certain seasons, such as summer, can be more expensive than others.

Your venue will also play a huge factor in your date. Many venues get booked far in advanced so, by beginning to think about the date as soon as possible, you’re giving yourself a lot more options – you’re also allowing loved ones plenty of notice before your big day.

Explore Wedding Venues

To many, the venue is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. Before you even start looking for one, however, you need to decide the location of your wedding – do you want to get married in Windsor? Or perhaps you’re setting your sights on Oxfordshire or South London? Choosing where you want to tie the knot will help you decide the perfect venue for you, your wedding party and your guests.

hands of young people toasting with champagne glasses

Things like the number of guests you’re inviting, whether your family lives far away or even the backdrop you wish to have in your photos will impact your choice.

Booking the desired venue too late will increase the risk of the location being booked up. Give yourself enough time to explore venues and see what they have to offer. A decision such as this is not to be made lightly but exploring all possibilities will give you the confidence of knowing that you’re, indeed, booking the perfect venue. It also gives you the time to work around your budget, ensuring you’re choosing the place that best suits you.

If you wish to stand out and do something different – or if you need inspiration with venue ideas – here are nine unique wedding venues in London that you will love!

Wedding Car Hire

Hiring a chauffeur for your wedding adds to the attraction of the day. After all, arriving in a wedding car adds elegance, sophistication and style to your grand entrance; in addition, with our chauffeur car hire service, relaxation, comfort and luxury become a staple on the journey to the venue. Our drivers will also make sure that you get to your destination right on time.

The last thing you want to do on your special day is to worry about having to drive to your venue or have a family member take you there – your wedding day should be about spending time with your loved ones, so let us take care of it for you. Our trained chauffeurs have many years of experience driving in London and its surrounding areas as well, so they know all the shortcuts, nooks and crannies there are to know; perfect to get to where you want to go while enjoying a smooth ride.

It’s never too early to start considering this option for your big day, and Smart City Weddings are ideal for wedding car hire in London. We offer a large range of wedding cars you’ll absolutely love, from a sleek Rolls Royce to a sophisticated Bentley or a sporty Range Rover. Perfect for all tastes and wedding themes.

Bride leaving chauffeured car

If you’re newly engaged, start thinking about what you want for your wedding day now. Wedding car hire will make your big moment even more memorable, so talk to us if you wish to book us. We’re more than happy to help and our experienced chauffeurs know exactly how to make you feel like a VIP on one of the most important days of your life!

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