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Wimbledon: Travel in Style

7 Apr 2017

What is one of the most prestigious, royal and stylish events in the sporting calendar?


Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. Held at the All England Club in Wimbledon London since 1877, the event is the epitome of style and luxury.

Tennis Equipment
The outdoor grass courts play host to some truly incredibly talented tennis players, with a selection of the most well-known and renowned celebrities seated above. This regularly includes the Duke and Duchess, and sometimes the Majesty, The Queen, herself.

This event oozes prestige and royalty, so it goes without saying that your transportation should reflect this. Expect to don your best glad-rags, sip on Pimms, and indulge in strawberries, as you roll up to the grounds in an enviable vehicle.


Dress to Impress

Wimbledon is one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments; the others being the Australian, French, and US Open. However, Wimbledon is the only event still played on grass.

Taking place over two weeks, the tournament runs in late June and early July, and hosts a traditional and strict dress code suitable for the royals. With an absence of sponsor advertising, an abundance of faces and broadcast coverage, it causes for full celebration in style.

In 1905, when American Player May Sutton Bundy competed in a final in a corset, a crinoline and a floor length dress – she rolled back her sleeves as she was too hot, and caused an outcry. There were supposed reports that the future King George V cried in the royal box.

Comfort is surely key when attending, arriving or even playing at Wimbledon.  So be sure to arrive in style; in terms of fashion, attitude and vehicle. You don’t want any royals crying at your arrival stature.

It’s all About the Money

1968 was the first year that prize money was awarded; the year that pro players could compete for championships for the first time. The total price money was £26,150, with the winner of the men’s earning £2,000 while the women’s singles champion only received £750.

Before 2007, Wimbledon and the French Open awarded more prize money to men that to women’s events, until Wimbledon changed this policy so that both genders would receive the same amount per event category. This was a controversial change because women spend less time on the court, apart from in mixed couples, and women owe their wins to three sets whereas men are five sets.

The prize money reached £2,000,000 in 2016 and is now up to a grand £26,750,000 in 2017.


Tension on the Court, but Not in Your Head

Of course, you want to witness tension and action on the court, but don’t want to be stressed yourself. This could be the case for people travelling to the event. You may hate the stress of travelling, especially with the busy crowds and abundance of traffic at this particularly busy event. When the day comes around the excitement shouldn’t be ruined by anxiety.
Wouldn’t it be lovely to be picked up from your front door with no rush; a chauffeur waiting to whisk you away for a day of drinks, dining and dynasty? And when all the ball boys have stopped chasing strays; that same car is waiting to take you back in as much comfort and style as the event itself. Sounds too good to be true? Well we can assure you that it definitely isn’t.

Smart City Weddings are dedicated to providing a high quality, luxury and tailored service for you. We love to make your already-special events that much more enchanting with the addition of a luxury chauffeur-driven car. Although are cars may be more well known for assisting people to weddings – we are just as prepared and equipped to get you to any event – such as Wimbledon. And we promise to do this in style and grace.

Rolls Royce Dawn Red

Our fleet include some of the most luxurious vehicles, from a Rolls Royce Phantom, to a Mercedes S Class and more.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team, based in London, who would be more than happy to discuss your royal specifications for Wimbledon, or any other event you have planned for the year.

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Wimbledon: Travel in Style
Wimbledon: Travel in Style
Of course, you want to witness tension and action on the court, but don’t want to be stressed yourself. This could be the case for people travelling to the event.
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