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Why Should You Hire a Chauffeured Car to Watch the FA Cup Final?

18 Apr 2019

Smart City Weddings’ luxury vehicles are perfect for anyone who wishes to attend the best and most prestigious events in and around London; the FA Cup Final is no exception. The last thing you want to do before such an event is to worry about driving in the capital, trying to find a parking spot and dealing with traffic.

So, just relax and let Smart City Weddings handle it all!

The FA Cup Final

One of the most attended domestic football events in the entire world, the FA Cup Final was born in 1872 and has been held in the Wembley Stadium since 1923. The 2018 event saw an attendance of 87,647 fans, who turned up to watch Manchester United win 1-0 against Chelsea.

This year’s FA Cup Final sees Manchester City kick off against Watford on May 18th at 5pm, with Manchester City clearly the favourites to win the prestigious title. Given the popularity and importance of this sporting event, it’s fair to say that tickets are likely to sell out early, so don’t forget to get yours as soon as possible! Prices start at £45 and go all the way up to £145.

In addition, Smart City Weddings has been offering chauffeured car hire in London for many years, so we’re aware of just how full the streets will be as well. You don’t want to run the risk of missing out on even just a second of gameplay. So, attend the 138th FA Cup Final in comfort and style – and avoid bump-to-bump traffic – by choosing Smart City Weddings to take you there.

Our special occasion car hire in London is perfect for any event, including this significant game.

Why Choose Smart City Weddings?

There are many benefits of hiring a chauffeured car to travel to the FA Cup Final, especially with Smart City Weddings.

One of the most important of all is, of course, travelling and arriving safely – and on time. Our highly trained chauffeurs have many years of experience driving you to your destination of choice. Be it London or surrounding areas, you can be confident that you’re in safe hands too; our drivers know the streets like the back of their hands and are aware of all the best ways to reach your destination in a timely manner.

In addition, we understand that just being able to kick back, relax and just enjoy yourself is very important, especially on such a significant day. For this reason, our vast fleet of luxury vehicles is perfect to travel to an event such as the FA Cup Final. Why not enjoy our energetic Range Rover Sport which will take you to Wembley Stadium in comfort and style? This popular SUV comes with a spacious interior and its 4×4 nature means your ride will be smooth and relaxed.

chauffeur's gloved hand opening luxury car

If you’re travelling with a big group to this event, be it your family or friends, we have just the cars for you as well. Our sleek Mercedes Benz Sprinter Mini Bus seats 16 passengers, all of whom can enjoy the comfortable individual reclining seats; you can also watch a bit of TV before arriving at the stadium and take advantage of the power outlets – perfect to charge your phone ahead of all the amazing photos you’ll take of the match.

Our H2 Hummer limousine is another superb example of why Smart City Weddings knows exactly how to make this event a truly unforgettable one. Designed with style, comfort and luxury in mind, this head-turner is fitted with the latest in technology and allows you to make an impression when you arrive at the venue. Travelling in the H2 Hummer limo is perfect for anyone wanting to enjoy pre-game vibes, especially when you consider the fibre optic lighting, fantastic sound system and flat screen TVs.

All of these vehicles offer ample room for everyone to start getting in the spirit of the game together. Share a drink or a moment with your fellow football fans while travelling in the ultimate luxury vehicle and make unforgettable memories you’ll look back on for many years to come.


We’re very excited for the FA Final Cup and know you are too! Talk to us if you wish to book our chauffeur car hire services to get you to Wembley Stadium – and then just let us handle the rest. No more stressing about trying to navigate the capital on this busy day, worrying about parking or getting lost on the way; you’ll arrive right on time to see all the great moments this game will, undoubtedly, offer.

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