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VIP Shopping Experience

9 May 2017

Shopping; what is the first thing that comes to mind? Carrying hangers on hangers, traipsing around with an abundance of bags from shop top shop, or working up a sweat getting the bus or trying to park near the city centre?  Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about any of this? To simply shop to your hearts content?


London can be a hectic place to try to find new garments, but it is also the best. Event shopping car hire is a requirement Smart City can help with, where you will be treated to a high-quality VIP shopping experience from start to finish. Whether your Louboutin’s are strutting down Sloane Street or your Jimmy Choo’s are clip-clopping through Bicester Village; we can cater to any form of shopping trip, making sure you get from A to B in sheer comfort and style. But why should you treat yourself to this luxury experience?


Whether you have a Fiat 500 or a Range Rover, sometimes when a true shopping spree is in order, there is never enough space! By having your chauffer waiting outside the store front ready to collect you bags of goodies, you can take all of the stress away. With spacious interiors in the vehicle and the promise of a smooth ride, you can relax without worrying about space.

Rolls Royce Dawn White


There is nothing worse than having to keep looking at the time; whether it’s keeping an eye on your parking, or when the next bus will be leaving. With a chauffeur, there is no need for clock-watching, as you can take your time, and when you are done browsing the fashions or swiping your plastic, your driver will be patiently waiting for you where and when you need. Time is on your side; no need to stress-shop, relax and feel the luxury of shopping to what pace you feel best.


Comfort and Style

When shopping for the best quality clothes, you want to be looking and feeling your best. Maintaining ultimate etiquette and fashion is a priority. You can pull up on New Bold St to be presented by Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton, in a top of the range car, looking like you belong in all these stores. After all, this is not like any normal shopping trip; why not treat yourself to a trip that reflects the affluent boutiques of London? Not only will you look like royalty, you will feel like it too. With the comfortable interiors and smooth transportation, you don’t have to worry about any bumps in the road, you can glide from shop to shop in sheer luxury seating all to your requirements.


Knowledgeable Drivers

The Central London location means that our drivers possess all the knowledge needed to know the best shopping spots, and the flexibility to accommodate the hectic London roads. If you want to stop at a relaxed café for a coffee and a spot of lunch or be on route to a warehouse of bargain purchases; our drivers know the best way to get you there. As well as the exceptional standards, knowledge and attention to detail, our chauffeurs are extremely friendly; so, don’t be scared to say hello!

If you have a birthday or event coming up, why not treat yourself or a loved one to a VIP shopping experience. Or simply treat yourself; what better way to shop alone than to shop in this much style? Smart City Weddings are renowned for their luxury providing of wedding cars in London, but that’s not the only purpose for our cars. When you indulge in this special treat, you will get the VIP treatment from start to finish. We do all the demanding work, so you can focus on the important things: Shopping!


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