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Top Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Car in London

18 Jun 2018

When it comes to planning and organising a wedding in London, the first thing to cross your mind may be the huge amount of stress involved. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most (if not, the most!) valuable day of your life. It is the beginning of a new life – and this means making it the happiest, most memorable, and smooth sailing day ever.

Wedding car hire in London can bring plenty of benefits to make this day as perfect as it should be. Here are just a few…

bride and groom in car

Avoid Traffic Jams

Everyone who either lives in London and its surrounding areas or is a regular visitor (or, in fact, anyone who has ever visited) will probably be aware of the traffic which can build up.

When you hire a wedding car in London, you are not only receiving a stylish addition to your day, but you will also receive attention – people will know that you are on the way to your big day.

Not only this, but our expert drivers know the best routes and times to go in order to avoid traffic build-ups and busier areas. Bus routes are one to dodge and our drivers at Smart City Weddings will be aware of the perfect route to steer clear!

Travelling in Luxury and Style

This day should be one you can indulge in luxurious treats – things that you wouldn’t usually splash out on. However, this once-in-a-lifetime day will be in your memories forever, not to mention the photographs!

At Smart City Weddings, our wedding car fleet features some of the most luxurious wedding cars in the world, from classics to vintage vehicles such as the Rolls Royce Phantom, the Mercedes S400 and even the Range Rover Sport.

chauffeur driven wedding car

Knowledge of London and the Best Route

When you hire a wedding car from Smart City Weddings, you don’t just get the elegant car and its stunning aesthetic, but you also get an experienced and knowledgeable driver. They aren’t just reliable and professional, but our team knows London like the back of their hands.

Directions aren’t an issue for our drivers – you can put away the GPS because our trained chauffeurs are more than brushed up on their knowledge of London’s roads. The quickest and smoothest route will be the only route you take to get to your grand entrance.

Our drivers’ appearance will also reflect the sheer class of your day; dressed in a smart uniform to match the experience, our chauffeurs will always replicate the style and elegance of your wedding day!

Aerial View of London

Save Energy and Time

Planning your wedding is not just stressful – it’s also exciting and should be a positive experience – and by opting for a chauffeured wedding car you can do just that. If you use your time to find a rental car for a wedding, you then must go on to find a driver, a bow for the car and so on. When you opt for chauffeured wedding car hire in London, you are saving yourself the hassle. You can find the car you love, the driver which will make your day easier and you can save your precious planning time for the rest of the to-do list.

Start the Day as You Mean to Go On

Imagine the moment everyone is ready to go – dressed, prepared and ready to witness a stunning day. Then you open the front door to see your dream car waiting for you, door held open by a chauffeur. You get inside and are presented with a glass of champagne. All this is just the start to an amazing, memory-filled day. With a start like this to your special day, you just know everything else will be great too. It’s true what they say – start as you mean to go on. After all, this is the beginning of forever; for your new and exciting life!

wedding car
If you are looking for the finishing touch to your wedding day plans, then wedding car hire in London could be that.

If you would like further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team who would be happy to provide further information and find you the perfect wedding car to reflect your style, theme or wedding plans.

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