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The Cars That Will Make Your Prom Night Unforgettable

4 Jun 2018

Whilst it is true that the notion of having a prom to celebrate the end of your school days is a relatively new phenomenon – an export from the United States over the last decade or so – it is clear that the trend is becoming increasingly popular with a reported 85% of schools holding the end of year party for their school leavers, according to The Telegraph.

Here we look at those finer details that can make this special occasion more than just an enjoyable experience on the evening itself, including the cars that will make your prom night unforgettable.

Chauffeur Driven Car Hire

A Rite of Passage

Leaving school is one of those milestones that are remembered, hopefully with fondness, but gone are the days when this was marked with a comparatively simple event – often an assembly and, if you were lucky, there might even be a buffet in the hall to tuck into whilst signing each other’s leavers’ books or school shirts.

Today this event is truly celebrated and, with more and more options now available after leaving school, we’re keener than ever to recognise and reinforce those friendships that have been forged throughout the school journey and the prom does this perfectly.

What to Wear

Top of most prom-attendees’ agenda will be finding the right outfit to wear; this is big business and, according to a UK poll carried out by retailer Spartoo as reported in The Scottish Herald in August 2017, represents the biggest individual spend by parents. It found that the average cost of dressing for the prom is £102 and this is just a quarter of what 14% of parents are expecting to pay. For many it is arguably one of the most critical elements to get right.

It is also very competitive with would-be school-leavers, particularly girls, going to great lengths in order to ensure that their selection is unique, setting up private Facebook communities, for example, to enable prior group review and thus spare any blushes on the big night.

The Pre-Prom Party

Although the night officially starts upon arrival at the designated venue, the event usually kicks off with a pre-event party to warm things up and calm any pre-prom nerves as a group. Often these are at the homes of school leavers with obliging parents and this invited guests to travel to the location as a collective of friends. A few refreshments and some good music is usually all that is required to get the party started.

The Perfect Car for The Perfect Prom

Although one of the most important parts of the event will be what to wear, how you actually get to the prom is equally crucial, arriving in style in style is vital as your classmates watch on. As told to The Telegraph, Dr. Caroline Schuster believes that proms provide ‘an incentive to celebrity fantasy’ and gives “..the chance to become as near a celebrity as you can”.

Limousines were initially the car of choice but the prom trend, as with many others, is evolving and the competition to be original extends to how they actually get there too.

For a contemporary edge, the Mercedes S400 does just the job, providing a sporty edge to a prestigious car and boasting a variety of technological offerings, including ambient lighting to help set the tone for a luxurious car ride while the metallic diamond white exterior will guarantee a sparkling arrival.

Mercedes S Class

The Rolls Royce Phantom, considered the quintessential Rolls Royce and “unmatched…in a world where unique is rarely experienced” as described by the manufacturers themselves, is the perfect choice. It is available for hire in both classic white or sleek black with all the fine detailing within the vehicle that you’d expect from the luxury car maker – indeed BBC’s Top Gear called out the ‘detail magic’ in their review – with angled rear seat backs so that the prom princesses can enjoy their luxury ride without even having to turn their heads.

Rolls Royce Phantom II

For a smaller group of friends sharing the journey to the prom, our Bentley Continental GT adds that ‘supercar’ touch to a luxury convertible car.

Bentley Continental GT

Of course, such a luxurious treat would not be complete without a chauffeur and – in addition to relieving the burden of driving from parents – can also provide our prom princes and princesses with an opportunity to take full advantage of the experience with a ride around town, perhaps stopping at iconic locations on the way to take group photos as a permanent reminder of their magical evening that they can look upon in years to come. There’s no need to worry about being a late arrival as all of our highly professional chauffeurs take pride in our reputation for service and punctuality.

All of our chauffeur-driven luxury cars available for hire here so take a look to give this year’s prom-goers the luxury, VIP treatment they’ll always remember.

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