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Staying Ahead of Your Christmas Shopping

22 Sep 2017

Every year we tell ourselves we are going to be more prepared for the next Christmas, and every year we end up leaving it later than we intended. Although it only comes around once a year, Christmas arrives a lot faster than we think! It’s never too early to start your Christmas shopping, and some may even say September is a little late.

It isn’t uncommon for many to start their Christmas shopping on Boxing day and, although this may seem incredibly early, there are advantages to beginning your Christmas shopping as early as possible. If you are part of the crowd that wants to be more prepared this year, we at Smart City Weddings have put together are some ways you can stay ahead of your Christmas shopping.

Tips for Christmas Shopping Organisation

Make a List

Making a list is one of the best and most important aspects of staying ahead of your shopping. When you have multiple people to buy presents for, you can easily get confused and lose track of who you have already purchased gifts for, what they said they wanted, and who you have left to buy for, which can be incredibly stressful if not clearly laid out.

Christmas shopping can be a daunting task, especially if left late, and you can find yourself rushing around frantically whilst trying to weave in and out of the busy shops! Making a list eliminates this problem as you can clearly see where you are up to with your shopping and what it is you want to buy your family and friends.

Be More Sentimental

Starting early gives you time to really think about the gifts you’re getting your loved ones or your friends, and this means you can be much more sentimental than if you were making last-minute purchases. Having the freedom to think about your gift and giving yourself time to fully explore shops and the internet will make you feel so much more excited about buying a gift that really represents the individual.

This could be anything from jewellery to a weekend away, and even a photo album of their greatest memories. This extra time to get something sentimental can speak a thousand words.


Beat the Christmas Rush

Christmas shopping, especially in London, can be great fun with lively shops, beautiful twinkling lights and festive songs, all of which makes it incredibly exciting. But, you need to think about starting early if you want to avoid the Christmas rush.

Being organised can certainly pay off, as for many who are caught in the Christmas rush can resort to panic buying, as you may not be able to find what you came for (be it because the vendor doesn’t sell it anymore or because they’re sold out). This can make the whole process unenjoyable!

You can beat the Christmas rush by booking a shopping trip with our shopping car hire in London. Having a chauffeur driven shopping experience will ensure you can get between stores quickly, comfortably, and in style. As they focus more on the transport, it allows you to focus more on what is important.


If you want to come to the capital for an incredible Christmas shopping experience, we at Smart City Weddings will make your trip one to remember, as we can help you arrive in luxury and style. For more information on how we can make your Christmas shopping highly enjoyable, get in touch with a member of our team by calling 020 7792 1191 or emailing, and we will be happy to help.






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Staying Ahead of Your Christmas Shopping
Staying Ahead of Your Christmas Shopping
It’s never too early to start your Christmas shopping, and some may even say September is a little late. Find out how you can stay ahead of your Christmas shopping.
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