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Rolls Royce Phantom White

Spotlight On: Rolls Royce Phantom II

21 May 2018

The Rolls Royce Phantom was first introduced in 1925 and has remained a stunning piece of engineering in its various incarnations throughout the decades to the present day. Simply the name Rolls Royce conjures up visions of luxury and status making it the ideal vehicle to travel in on the most important day of your life – your wedding day.

Shine Like a Star

A special occasion such as your wedding offers the opportunity to go all out. Treat yourself to an incredible experience, hire a wedding car and live like a star for the day. Our Rolls Royce Phantoms allow you to feel wonderful and arrive at your ceremony in pure style. Rolls Royce cars are popular with the royal family, world leaders and celebrities alike, and now is your chance to reach that level of exclusivity. Imagine cruising through the streets of London on your way to your wedding, the Rolls Royce will create so much anticipation and definitely enhance the entire experience.

The Epitome of Class

Regal and elegant, the Rolls Royce Phantom II has a powerful and imposing aesthetic that is sure to impress your wedding guests and other onlookers. Available in either black or white and polished to perfection, the Phantom II can be selected to complement the theme or style of the wedding or simply by personal preference. The Rolls Royce is famous for its silver figurine, known as The Spirit of Ecstasy, standing on the front. It is a symbol that everyone recognises as representing the pinnacle of classic British motoring.

Details to Delight

The rear-hinged doors offer an interesting feature and are luckily very practical for a bride, allowing for an easier and more elegant exit from the car, especially if she has a voluminous dress or long train. Additionally, the flat, bench-like seats and spacious interior also make travelling comfortable and reduce creasing of the bride’s dress and other outfits. Another special feature of our Phantoms is the twinkling star effect roof detail, pinpoint lights are embedded into the black background for a delightfully unique look which contrasts beautifully with the sleek white leather interior.

Relax in Style

At Smart City Weddings, we offer wedding car hire in London and the unique opportunity to be chauffeured in the utmost style to your very special occasion. Having your own personal chauffeur drive this beautiful car not only provides a once in a lifetime experience for many but also relieves the couple, family and friends of the responsibility and any associated stress of ensuring the wedding party gets to the ceremony location on time. Our professional, smartly-dressed drivers know London very well and will transport their guests safely and efficiently to their wedding.

An Unmissable Opportunity

As to be expected, the Rolls Royce Phantom II is in high demand, so be sure to book well in advance to secure your vehicle on your chosen date. Feel free to call us on 020 7792 1191 or complete our enquiry form to discuss hiring a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce for your wedding or another special event.

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