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Rolls Royce Dawn Red

Spotlight on: Convertibles

5 Jun 2017

Everyone remembers the first time they were in a convertible car: being on an open road on a beautiful, sunny day with the top down so the wind can blow through your hair. It’s quite a memorable experience!

Convertible cars are vehicles that have a top-down roof unlike others with an enclosed cab. Throughout the years, convertible cars have evolved from basic structures to modern and safe vehicles with a sense of style.

Rolls Royce Dawn White

Luxury Convertible Cars

The History of Convertible Cars

When cars first started to be developed based on horse carriages, they were all open with no roofs, doors, or windshields. Henry Ford’s Quadricycle was one of the earliest cars – a predecessor to the later and incredibly important Ford Model T – and was completely inspired by the buggy of the 19th century. These cars still had the same features as the buggy, with minimalist design and a lightweight frame. With the introduction of more powerful internal combustion engines and electric motors, there was a growing need to develop full-bodied cars.

Early 20th-century cars began having convertible modifications, with a retractable hardtop and fabric roofs. Founder of Lincoln and Cadillac, Henry Leland, introduced vehicles with precision machining and the first completely enclosed car.

The retractable hardtop on Peugeot’s 601 in 1934 had a self-storing roof which disappeared into a space behind the driver’s area. Providing the standard for following convertible cars, modern convertibles can trace back their origins to pre-War France.

Rolls-Royce Dawn

One of our convertible options, the Rolls-Royce Dawn, comes in three different colours: Gold, White, and Red. From a more romantic setting to adding a touch of adventure, these cars are sure to match your wedding’s theme. As these models have only been released this year, you’re sure to have a stunning and exclusive wedding car.

Featuring two doors and a sleek design, the Rolls-Royce Dawn drew inspiration from the Wraith model. The interiors are luxurious and comfortable, providing you with a smooth ride. The 563bhp is served by a similar 6.7-litre engine that the popular Rolls Royce Ghost is known for.

Driven by our expert drivers, you will be able to sit back and focus on your ceremony while knowing you will be arriving on time and in style. Petrol fueled and automatic, this car gives you a great experience. And the sat nav ensures that no matter where your ceremony is, it’s always easy to find.

 Rolls Royce Dawn Red

Bentley Continental GT

Available in Pearlescent White wth a red convertible roof, the Bentley Continental GT is a luxurious car that is sure to provide you with a wedding experience you’ll never forget. Characteristic of Bentley’s fine design, the Continental GT is often named “the Flying Spur” due to the beautiful design and powerful build.

As luxurious on the inside as the outside, this car is the perfect balance between a traditional look and a touch of adventure. Favourite for wedding car hire in London since 2003, it features two doors, an all-wheel drive and a 12-cylincer engine which allows for speeds of up to 198mph.

In the hands of our expert and professional drivers, the 6 litre V12 automatic engine doesn’t overpower the ride. You are guaranteed a safe and comfortable journey arriving on time, for you and your loved one to say “I do”.

Rolls Royce Dawn White

Our range of luxurious wedding cars gives you the option of choosing the car that matches your ceremony perfectly (and even an event like the Royal Ascot),  so don’t hesitate to have a look around and choose a convertible for your summer wedding or a more classic option.

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Spotlight on: Convertibles
Spotlight on: Convertibles
Everyone remembers the first time they were in a convertible car: being on an open road on a beautiful, sunny day with the top down so the wind can blow through your hair. It’s quite a memorable experience!
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