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Sightseeing In London

23 May 2017

As one of the biggest and brightest cities in Europe, it’s not surprising that London attracts millions of people from all over the world each year. The renowned attractions, historic buildings and famous designer shops put London at the very top of many bucket lists.

With an endless list of things to see, events to attend and places to be, a few days need to be spent seeing the sights of this glorious city. With the towering buildings, hectic streets and bursting shops, what is the best way to have a relaxing yet entertaining sightseeing visit?

Visit These Top London SightSeeing Destinations

Monumental Service

The city is full of art, culture and history, and there are a number of places that are a must-see. With a personal chauffeur service, visiting these places couldn’t be easier. To begin there’s the royal Buckingham Palace, standing in the heart of the city, simply oozing elegance. The list goes on and on, to the breath-taking Shard, the Royal Opera House, The Globe Theatre, Convent Garden, the Tower of London and of course Big Ben and the London Eye. When visiting these monuments, your transportation should reflect the innovative status of these places.


Know the Streets

All our drivers who offer sightseeing car hire in London have the know-how to take you to all the top places in the capital. They know the streets like the back of their hands and are so used to driving, so they can take you to some of the best places around the fantastic city. Wherever you want to go, or whatever you want to do, the driver will remain on call so you can take a stroll on foot. Whether you are familiar with the area or not, our drivers can recommend restaurants, shops, and even events that suit your requirements

As Stylish as the City

It’s not just the city that is the main part of the sightseeing tour. Our cars will give you just as much enjoyment. Ranging from a Rolls Royce to a Range Rover Sport; whatever your style, not only will London bring you some of the best views, but so will your vehicle. The ultimate style and comfort make for a smoother ride, giving you a feeling of pure luxury when seeing the sights of the city. Your journey from shop to shop or restaurant to a bar will be as stylish as the city itself. No need to worry about the underground and the stressful hustle and bustle, because you can slip back into your luxury vehicle and relax.

Mercedes S Class

Shop Till You Drop

London is known for its amazing high-end shopping boutiques, so what better way to hop from YSL to Gucci than over the smooth wheels of a chauffeured vehicle. No visit to the big city is complete without a shopping trip, and by combining our services with the shops of London, we can make sure you have a shopping trip to remember. No need to worry about timing, how many shopping bags you have, or about catching a taxi or bus; our drivers will take care of everything.

Next time you plan to visit the capital, why not do it in style and take advantage of our shopping car hire? A tour of London should be made as fabulous as the place itself, and here at Smart City Prestige we can do this and more. Every corner of London has a new and exciting puzzle piece to be revealed, and we want to give you the comfort and style to experience every piece the way you deserve.

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“Sightseeing In London” is lockedSightseeing In London
“Sightseeing In London” is lockedSightseeing In London
As one of the biggest and brightest cities in Europe, it’s not surprising that London attracts millions of people from all over the world each year.
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