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Planning the Ultimate Children’s Birthday Party in the Capital

6 Nov 2017

Planning your child’s birthday party can be a stressful and time-consuming task, but also an enjoyable one! You want the occasion to be a special one, and certainly, one to remember, whether they are turning 6 or 16!

As a child, your birthday is an exciting time, providing the perfect opportunity for parents to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for friends and of course, the whole family!

Special Occassion Car Hire in London is for Kids Too!

At Smart City Weddings, we don’t just provide our special occasion car hire in London for adults! For any birthday celebration, we like to provide our services to make everyone feel like a VIP whatever your age! But what should be on your checklist in order to make it a birthday to remember for your child?



Perhaps the first thing on your list should be to decide on the ultimate venue. This may depend on what type of theme or style of party your child would prefer. Do they want an active party such as going ice skating? Or would they rather have something more sophisticated such as a lunch and a London shopping trip?

You know your child best and what they like, so think of what they are interested in and what they would prefer. What children like changes quickly- one minute it’s one thing and the next it’s another. So be sure to ask them what they would like, or you may end up with a ‘stroppy’ teenager.

A sweet 16 may call for a more extravagant affair compared to any other birthday celebration, so keep in mind the milestone and how they want to celebrate it, at what venue and with what theme!

Top Tip: We advise to book venues 6-8 weeks in advance to ensure you get the dates and times you want, as many venues in London can get booked up quickly!



Once you have a venue sorted, the next step is to get the party invitations out, and as soon as possible so people can save the date. Dependant on the age of your child there may be obstacles in the way. Does their age group have exams soon? Maybe it’s the school disco the day of your child’s birthday party?

Be sure to find out the perfect day for the birthday party and definitely make sure your child’s best friends can make it.

By sending out invitations well in advance you can avoid any hiccups and know exactly what numbers will be attending the event. Don’t forget that schedules can get busy quickly and someone may even have a party planned on the same date.

Make sure to include clear details of the venue, time, date, transport and to include an RSVP. The invite could also reflect the style or theme of the party.

Top Tip: Don’t forget to invite your child’s whole school class also! You don’t want to be upsetting any children and parents by leaving anyone out!



Entertainment and Food

You should plan whether you are going to have entertainment at the party and do this as early as possible! If you are considering hiring a professional to make for the ultimate celebration, you will have to book in advance, but make sure that it fits in with the style of the party.

Sometimes the more traditional games and entertainment can work better for younger children. You can’t go wrong with classic pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey as they may be discovering these for the first time, and these type of party games encourage children to play together, form friendships and get involved.

For an older group of children, it may be more appropriate to hire entertainment such as a magician or even a singer or band. If a disco is on the cards, you need to sort the music and lighting out as soon as possible. What kind of DJ would your child prefer and what type of music needs to be on the playlist?

When it comes to food, are you going to be supplying the treats or are you going to be getting a caterer? Getting someone else to do the food will take some of the stress and worry away, and they can even sort the birthday cake out too. But as mentioned earlier, getting the invitations and replies as soon as possible can help you to plan how many to cater for to ensure there is not too little or too much food.

Top Tip: If you are ordering catering or supplying the food yourself, make sure you take into consideration all dietary requirements such as vegan and vegetarian diets. Get in touch with any RSVP’s and find out any specific requirements.



One way to make your child’s birthday party extra special is to organise a different mode of transport for them. While prom calls for a limo, have you ever thought about special occasion car hire for a birthday party?

You could begin the party before even arriving at the venue, by inviting some of your child’s friends along to experience true VIP. Maybe your child is interested in top cars and would love to take a trip in one to feel the luxury for themselves.

If your child looks up to red carpet celebs or A-listers, they can feel like one for their own birthday. After all, a birthday celebration deserves an experience to remember. Perhaps the birthday party could be the VIP transport around town for a specified amount of time, letting them feel special and glam.

Here at Smart City Weddings we can help with the planning of birthday celebrations by supplying something special for the birthday boy or girl. We have earned a reputation as the go-to birthday and special occasion car hire company in London due to our exclusive range of cars, exceptional service and our experienced chauffeurs, meaning you only get the best.

Your child can experience a memorable day like no other, allowing them to sit back, relax in one of the world’s most luxurious vehicles, and arrive in sheer style to their party. They are sure to be the star of the show.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss how we can make your child’s birthday party a true VIP experience.

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