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Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day Proposal

24 Jan 2018

Deciding to finally ask the big question is a joyous occasion. You have reached the stage in your relationship where you are ready to make a lifelong commitment, and you are hoping that your unsuspecting partner, will, of course, agree to your proposal.

So how can you ensure that the chances of them saying the dreaded ‘no’ are low? – at the end of the day, it may be the one and only time in your life that you get the chance too.

You need to plan the perfect Valentine’s proposal, but how?

Getting It Right

Of course, each proposal will be different. What may work for some, might be a nightmare for others, so getting it right is essential.

First and foremost, you really need to assess what your partner might enjoy. A public declaration of love, to some, is the most romantic concept imaginable. However, to others, being the centre of attention could be seen as dreadful.

Try and suss out what your partner may be more inclined to – begin the ‘hypothetical conversation’ over dinner one night, making a mental note on what they would enjoy and, most importantly, what they would detest.

Here are some of our ideas that are sure to get you the desired result, when it comes to asking potentially the most important question of your life.


Surprise is Key

The element of surprise allows your proposal to be above and beyond more precious, as the unwitting partner who is being proposed too will be caught completely off guard, giving a more natural, and generally happier result.

This increases the romantic element of your proposal and will provide splendid memories for years to come.

In addition to this, asking a friend, or hiring someone who will be near the scene to record the proposal, can provide a tangible memento, which can be shown to your friends and family after the question is asked.

This makes the entire experience a personal one, yet also one that can be shared with your loved ones. Plus, it makes for great material to watch in years to follow.

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether you are going big with your proposal, or something more intimate, practising exactly how you are going to pop the big question can prove very useful, and even can reduce nerves or worry about the big moment.

If you are planning an intricate and detailed proposal, then a run through is absolutely necessary, should you wish to ensure that no plans are liable to mistakes.

If you plan to ask in a smaller situation, preparing exactly what you are going to say gives the proposal a greater chance of being more personal, considered, and overall, more romantic.

Your partner is certain to appreciate the extra work you have put in to make this moment special for the both of you.


Make It Pretty

Whichever way you choose to go with it, your proposal has the potential to be one of the most beautiful moments in your adult life.

Making it memorable, as well as romantic, is of pivotal importance. Try setting the scene with your partners favourite flowers, or lighting up a dark evening with reams of fairy lights.

Take your future betrothed back to a place of memorable importance to you both, or use personal possessions to spell out the question you are wanting to ask.

Across all scenarios, setting a beautiful scene proves the amount of thought that has gone into your proposal, and shows that you are ready to create a beautiful life with your partner.

So make your proposal this Valentine’s Day one to remember; contact us today to discuss your special occasion car hire in London – we are guaranteed to help make your special moment both memorable, and romantic.

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