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What is the Best London Shopping Route?

20 Sep 2017

London is a huge place, filled with plenty of things to do, but one of the most popular activities has got to be the shopping. Whether you are looking for high street or high-end shopping, London has it all, and with Smart City, you can make it a truly memorable experience.

Where you want to go shopping is up to you, but to help you out, we’ve planned out a route which includes some of the most iconic London shops, Read More ›

Ways to Make Your Special Occasion More Memorable

29 Aug 2017

Every occasion is a special one when spent with the people you love most in the world, be it friends, family, or your partner. Birthdays, holidays, weddings, graduations – there are plenty of special occasions throughout the year that you can celebrate with them.

You might wonder, however, how to make your special occasion one that is sure to never be forgotten. Read More ›

How to Pop the Question They Already See Coming

25 Aug 2017

A marriage proposal is typically a big event for you and your partner, and finding the ideal moment to pop the questions is often tricky but especially so when the proposal itself is not a surprise. If your partner already sees the big question coming, then making it a surprise shouldn’t worry you too much. Making it special, romantic, and memorable, however, will make a big difference – and that in itself can be surprising enough. Read More ›

London Locations: Where, When and Why?

18 Aug 2017

London is full of beautiful surprises, from the outskirts to the city centre and as the heart of the UK, we are lucky to be surrounded by such wonder.

We all know of the likes of Big Ben and the London Eye, but when visiting this beautiful city, you may want to delve a little further into its assets. Read More ›

Groom for Improvement: The Man’s Responsibilities

16 Jul 2017

The wedding day is usually associated with a stressed-out bride-to-be planning and organising every detail. But, as traditions change and grow, we see duties change and adapt.

Although many of the traditional responsibilities for the groom stay the same, in modern day wedding planning many grooms will play a huge role in planning the big day. Read More ›

How Important is Your Arrival on Your Wedding?

14 Jul 2017

Your wedding; one of the biggest days of your life, if not the biggest so far. The day when all your nearest and dearest gather to celebrate the love and joining of you and your partner.

The first thing you do after all the makeup applying, hair styling and a cheeky glass of champagne, is make your way to the venue for your special day, with one of the biggest factors being your grand entrance. Read More ›

The Evolution of the UK Prom

23 Jun 2017

Prom has become one of the most prized nights of the school calendar for many school leavers. An evening of fun, dancing and a final hurrah for many friends going away to different universities or work. Originally a tradition that began in the USA, this June tradition is all about ball gowns and ill-fitting tuxedos.

Read More ›

Everything You Need to Know About Royal Ascot

19 Jun 2017

This week, thousands of race-goers will be gathering at the renowned grounds of Ascot for a 5-day spectacle of fashion, racing, fine dining and ultimate tradition. From the 20th to the 24th June, ladies will be tottering in their finest heels, gentlemen will be flaunting their shiniest cufflinks, and Raymond Blanc Chefs will be serving their finest cuisine to hungry attendees.

Read More ›

How to Arrive in Style At Your Prom

16 Jun 2017

Now that you know how to budget for prom, you might be wondering how you can ensure you’ll arrive in style to the venue. There are several other factors to consider in addition to how you’re arriving – which will guarantee you a spectacular entrance!

From knowing how to arrive at the venue on time and ensuring you have a safe trip, here at Smart City Weddings we have a few suggestions on how you can guarantee a great prom night Read More ›

Budgeting for Prom

13 Jun 2017

With prom season just around the corner, it’s definitely not too early to start planning and making sure that every detail is both taken care of and perfect.

With your dress or suit, accessories, and transportation amongst other things to worry about, it’s natural to think you might not know how to budget for everything. Read More ›

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