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How to Pop the Question They Already See Coming

25 Aug 2017

A marriage proposal is typically a big event for you and your partner, and finding the ideal moment to pop the questions is often tricky but especially so when the proposal itself is not a surprise. If your partner already sees the big question coming, then making it a surprise shouldn’t worry you too much. Making it special, romantic, and memorable, however, will make a big difference – and that in itself can be surprising enough.

You can ask them the big question in a way that is still surprising and exciting, even if they see it coming. Here’s just a few ideas for you:


Delay the Moment

Maybe you and your partner discussed moving forward with your relationship and you both agreed on marriage, or maybe you’re a bit less traditional and you both went together to choose the ring. Often in relationships, the inevitability of a proposal can’t be escaped, which can sometimes remove part of the romance from the equation. Regardless of how your partner knows the proposal is coming, it doesn’t mean you can’t still surprise them.

The more you delay proposing, the more the suspense and tension increases. Do you have a timeframe of when you want to propose by? You can delay the moment for as long as possible, and find an unexpected time to pop the question. A simple evening outing with your loved one can be the ideal time to ask them to marry you. You can travel in style to your destination in one of our luxury cars, which is sure to provide a memorable experience.


Don’t Go for Obvious Choices

A big trip to Paris can be a very big clue to what’s going on – it’s not called the city of love and romance for nothing! Unless both you and your partner have a very strong connection to Paris, asking your partner to marry you while in the city is a rom-com cliché they might not appreciate. It can be special, but it won’t be personal.

Anniversaries can be good occasions for a proposal, particularly when made into a day you’ll never forget. In the days coming up to your special date, you can start to give your partner small gifts to ensure the anniversary itself won’t seem suspiciously special. Hire a luxurious car to drive you during the day to a nice restaurant and to the theatre at night, and ask the question after a wonderful day of celebrating.

Create a Red Herring Situation

Your partner knows you’ll propose – in fact, they will be expecting it at any moment. If you want to keep an air of mystery and surprise, creating false, perfect proposal moments will keep your partner on their toes. Cook them a delicious meal at home, light some candles, and set the ambience for a romantic evening. Your partner will be thinking ‘this is the moment’ but, instead, have a lovely night in and skip the proposal.

After a couple red herrings, your partner won’t be expecting it at every special occasion. You can hire a car to go sightseeing in London, for example, and the luxurious experience won’t feel out of place. Public proposals in front of famous landmarks are too commonplace, so why not find a more private spot – perhaps in a lovely area in a park – and pop the big questions?


Keep Your Speech Short, But Personal

Proposal speeches can be very obvious and your partner is likely to know something is happening. Keeping your speech short and simple will help you to remember it and not fumble for words – and your partner, as much as they will be expecting it, will probably be too in shock to remember every word.

Waxing poetic that rivals Shakespeare might seem romantic but it can be clichéd and make no sense for your relationship. There is no need to say words for the sake of them, and simplicity doesn’t mean lack of romance.

Here at Smart City Weddings, we are always happy to help make your proposal even more special, and we can even help with the wedding car hire as well. You can simply get in touch with us on  020 7792 1191 or submit our online form for more information.

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How to Pop the Question They Already See Coming | Smart City Weddings
How to Pop the Question They Already See Coming | Smart City Weddings
You can ask them the big question in a way that is still surprising and exciting, even if they see it coming. Here’s just a few ideas for you.
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