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How To Plan the Ultimate VIP Experience in London

13 May 2016

One of our favourite roles here at Smart City Prestige involves helping London businesses deliver the very best in VIP treatment for their clients through our special occasion car hire in London.

Since we first launched, we’ve had the honour of providing our London chauffeur car hire services for VIP transfers, visits to high profile sporting events, and a range of exclusive functions. In doing so, we’ve had the chance to quiz a number of the city’s top business executives about the things they consider vital to the success of really making those clients feel special.

Whether you’re planning to impress your clients, or simply to treat a loved one to an experience like no other, here’s just five top tips on planning the ultimate VIP experience in London, provided by Smart City Prestige Clients.

Rolls Royce Ghost

No Two Experiences Should Ever Be The Same: VIP in London

A true VIP experience loses its edge if you simply trot out the same old hospitality package every time the need arises. Should those you’re tasked with looking after discover that they’re being ‘treated’ to the same standard experience as your other VIPS, they’re unlikely to feel all that special or valued. Meanwhile, having done the same thing for so long, you run the risk of losing your passion, instead merely going through the motions in a way that will leave your guests feeling like you’d rather be anywhere else than with them.

Instead, make every VIP experience unique. If you always go for the same Leicester Square restaurant, try booking something completely different in Covent Garden or further afield. If you always send the same old chauffeur driven Mercedes Benz to collect your VIPs, book a different model, such as the brand new Rolls Royce Phantom Series II.

Make Each Guest Feel Important

If you’re entertaining a group of VIPs, this point obviously comes with a few limitations. With limited time and budget, it’s going to be impossible to treat one VIP to their favourite West End show, and other to cheer on their team at Wembley, and a third to see a concert at the O2 Arena.

That said, there are simple things you can do to make each guest feel important.Take an interest in what they’re passionate about outside the corporate world, and even add something uniquely personal to them in their take home packages.

Provide a Take Home Package

If you’ve done your job well, the memory of your VIP experience itself should be something which stays with your guests for a long time to come, but there’s still more that you can do to make the experience the very best that it can be.

Before you say your final farewells, be sure to leave your guests with their very own take-home package. This shouldn’t be just a pack of corporate literature and a few branded items from your marketing department. Sure, add a few of those in there, but consider adding a souvenir from the experience itself, a personal gift, maybe even a handwritten note or card.

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Go the Extra Mile

This is perhaps the one golden rule that ties the whole thing together. These days, entire industries flourish through providing VIP experiences, meaning expectations are already high. Your task in creating the very best of them all involves surpassing those expectations. At every turn, look at how you can go the extra mile to really make your guests feel special. Opting for the chauffeur driven Rolls Royce Phantom Series II? Why not have your chauffeur provide free refreshments en route?

Heading to a show? A corporate box with catering goes a long way. Planning an activity day? Throw in a few pleasant surprises to really ensure that you’ve created an ultimate VIP experience that your guests will never forget.

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How To Plan the Ultimate VIP Experience in London
How To Plan the Ultimate VIP Experience in London
One of our favourite roles here at Smart City Prestige involves helping London businesses deliver the very best in VIP treatment for their clients.
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