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How to Give Your Wedding the Wow Factor It Deserves

10 Nov 2017

Weddings are usually one of the biggest days of someone’s life, so, for many, it’s essential that their wedding has the wow factor. They want their special day to live long in the memory, but, in order to achieve that, it takes a lot of planning.

From making sure that the catering is delicious, to organising the perfect venue, there are a lot of steps to go through in order to ensure your wedding makes a lasting impression. If you’re getting married soon and are looking for ways to create a wedding with impact, why not take a look at some of our suggestions?

Make Your Wedding Memorable

Eye-Catching Transportation

Although transport may sometimes be overlooked, it can get the day off to a great start and set the tone for your entire wedding. There is nothing like being able to travel to your wedding in memorable transportation that’s bound to turn heads. You can be sure that if you find the right vehicle, you will make a grand entrance – nothing says glamour like turning up at your venue in a Range Rover or a Rolls Royce.

It’s a good idea to think about the impression you want to give and choose the vehicle that best compliments it. Do you want to go for a classic, such as the Rolls Royce Phantom, or something a little bit different, such as the Range Rover Sport? Ultimately, the possibilities are endless when it comes to luxury transport for your wedding day, so don’t be afraid to think big to make that all important grand entrance.

Wedding Cars London

Refreshments Before the Service

Another way you can get your guests in the mood for your big day is with pre-service refreshments. Easy and cost-effective to arrange, you can help ensure your wedding gets off to the best possible start by providing your guests with a quick drink before the ceremony gets underway.

As a bride, you’ll want to make sure everyone is in their place before you make your entrance, so there’s inevitably going to be some waiting around for your guests, as they wait for everyone else to arrive. Adding a simple non-alcoholic stand of drinks placed tastefully outside the church will make your guests feel as though they’re being thought about every step of the way.

Think about the Seasons

The UK has very changeable seasons, so it’s important you take this into consideration when planning your wedding date, and think about how the season is going to affect the aesthetics of your big day. Go the extra mile by undertaking some research into what flowers are going to be naturally in bloom at that time of year, for example – you may find it helps you decide on a theme. It’s another easy way for you to make your big day that little bit more special, simply because nature will be on your side.

Wedding Flowers and Candles
Scent is Key

When it comes to the senses, scent is quite often overlooked when it comes to wedding planning. If it’s the ‘wow’ factor that you’re after, then you may want to think about planning for scent. A simple way to provide a talking point is by laying down some rosemary in the entrance of your venue. Laying rosemary ensures that, as your guests arrive, the herbs will get crushed, and, as a result, a beautiful scent will be released throughout the entire venue.

A Rose Petal Entrance

Another option when it comes to the entrance is rose petals. Cheap and effective, you can use hundreds or even thousands of rose petals when you arrive at the venue. Allow interaction with the guests by encouraging them to adorn you in the petals when you arrive for the ceremony. Not only will it ensure both the bride and groom’s entrances are memorable, it will also look great in the wedding photographs.

Creature Comforts

The UK is blessed with plenty of venues in the countryside, so if you’re thinking about heading slightly outside the city for your wedding, then the best thing you can do is to take advantage of what’s already provided within your rural surroundings, including animals, such as horses and cows. If it’s safe to do so – and don’t forget to ask permission first – it’s a good idea to enlist one of the ushers to try and bring the animals closer, with treats such as carrots. Your guests are bound to lap it up.

Guests Throwing Confetti Over Bride And Groom At Wedding
Keep it Social

It’s pretty much inevitable that at some point your guests will get their phones out during the wedding. A fun way to incorporate your guest’s phone use is by creating your own wedding hashtag. Place signs around the reception venue so that your guests know where they can share your photos, and then through the magic of technology you’ll be able to stream the photos live. It’s an easy way to add a fun piece of interactivity to your wedding, which your guests can enjoy.
Goodie Bags

Goodie bags will help you make an instant impression on your guests. Presenting them with a small bag of treats the moment they arrive will ensure they know it’s going to be a memorable and fun day. If you have time, you could create personalised bags for your guests, complete with bubbly or even some local craft beer.

If your guests are staying in a hotel, you could even provide them with custom scented soap, so that they’re not forced to rely on whatever’s available at the hotel. Be sure to complete the goodie bag with a welcome note from you, thanking them for their attendance.

We can ensure your wedding day gets off on the right foot with our luxurious transportation options. With a range of flawless Rolls Royce vehicles, along with exquisite Bentley Continental and Mercedes S400, you’re bound to find the ideal car for your wedding. For something a bit different, why not contact us about our Range Rover Sport wedding car hire London today?

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