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How Important is Your Arrival on Your Wedding?

14 Jul 2017

Your wedding; one of the biggest days of your life, if not the biggest so far. The day when all your nearest and dearest gather to celebrate the love and joining of you and your partner.

The first thing you do after all the makeup applying, hair styling and a cheeky glass of champagne, is make your way to the venue for your special day, with one of the biggest factors being your grand entrance. First impressions are key and, not only your guests but also you and your partner, will remember that moment for the rest of your life. So, how important is your arrival on your wedding day and what factors should you begin to consider for the entrance of a lifetime?


Things to Think About for Your Wedding Arrival

Dress to Impress

The dress and the suit are one of the big conversations of the day. The way you are dressed is certainly one of the most important aspects of your arrival – everyone is excited to see the outfits. You may have seen the dress or the suit a thousand times at fittings, but this is the first time the majority of your friends and family will see your attire. Think of the aisle as your catwalk, as no matter what, all eyes are on you.


Timing is Key

Late, Late, for a very important date. This would be an understatement for your wedding! Being late to a meeting, falling behind on a deadline, or missing a bus are all mere trip ups in comparison to the possibility of turning up late for your special day. You don’t want to keep your loved ones waiting for your arrival, so be sure to have the makeup artist, the hair stylist and the photographer come to you with plenty of time to spare.

Ready for Your Close-Up?

Photography is a huge part of your day – you want your day to be captured in photographic memories that you can keep forever. You’ve probably spent a lot of money on a photographer you trust, which makes your arrival even more important. Your arrival in an unmissable photograph – as this is your big moment. From your heels stepping out your wedding car to your partner’s reaction, every little aspect should be captured and treasured.


Family Reunion

Whether you have friends and family that live away or not, this may be the first moment you have seen some of your closest in some time. It will also be the first moment you see your partner in their glad-rags ready to say, “I Do”. This is, even more, argument to the case that your arrival is of vital importance. You want to greet your family and your partner with a loving smile and full of excitement. You want everyone to enjoy the day and, all the little touches such as your arrival will play a part in creating a day to never forget.

Start as You Mean to Go On

This saying is true in many senses, but even more so for your wedding day. First impressions count for many things and, if your arrival is smooth, it will reflect on the rest of the day. No matter how prepared you are, things can always go wrong, but by planning and preparation and of course a stunning entrance, you can set the trend for the day to be as perfect as you deserve.

Arrive in Style

The set of wheels you arrive in is just as important as any other aspect of your arrival, and it can be the piece of the puzzle that links everything together. Whether you are having a Rolls Royce, a Bentley, a Range Rover or an even more ‘classic’ wedding car, this is your main accessory. From the moment you get into the car to the instant you step out to enter your venue, your car is your best friend. In sheer comfort and style, your wedding arrival can be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary.


Whether you have a car in mind for your big day or not, we have a wide variety of vehicles to match your wedding. Even if you can’t see your dream car on our website, simply get in touch and we can offer a wide range of options for wedding car hire in London. After all, your wedding car could be the missing piece to your grand arrival!

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How Important is Your Arrival on Your Wedding?
How Important is Your Arrival on Your Wedding?
Your wedding; one of the biggest days of your life, if not the biggest so far. The day when all your nearest and dearest gather to celebrate the love and joining of you and your partner.
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