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Groom for Improvement: The Man’s Responsibilities

16 Jul 2017

The wedding day is usually associated with a stressed-out bride-to-be planning and organising every detail. But, as traditions change and grow, we see duties change and adapt.

Although many of the traditional responsibilities for the groom stay the same, in modern day wedding planning many grooms will play a huge role in planning the big day. After all, the special day belongs to both of you. This means both your personalities should shine through every aspect. Here at Smart City Weddings, we have put together a list to help reduce the stress of the bride and share the fun of planning. So, what are some of the man’s responsibilities?

The Groom

Responsibilities for All of the Groom’s Party

Best Man & Ushers

This may be one of the most important decisions you make as a groom. You know who will be best for this important job role, but try to choose someone who you know well and you believe possesses the right qualities, such as being responsible and reliable. It may seem like a more fun option to pick the class clown of your friendship group, but make sure they take the position seriously. You also get the exciting task of picking your ushers, who also play a huge part in the smooth running of the day.

Suited and Booted

It is usually the man’s task to organise the suits for themselves, along with the best man and the ushers. The choice will affect the rest of the men’s attire and usually matches the wedding colour theme. Make sure you and your party are dressed to impress. Organise the fittings and suit choices with plenty of time so you have time to arrange any last-minute alterations and changes.


Groom getting ready

Words of Wisdom

The speech is one of the main responsibilities of both the groom and the best man. Planning and reading your speech is, traditionally, on the grooms list of priorities. Don’t leave it to the last minute! Give yourself plenty of time to be able to recite it and rehearse it in front of a reliable friend. Be sure to include the ‘thank yous’ in your speech, and to express your happiness on your big day. Unlike the best man, there’s not as much pressure to keep the crowd laughing, but it doesn’t hurt to add the odd joke and keep it light-hearted.

And Relax…

One of the best-known duties of the groom is the honeymoon, which for you and your partner is one of the most important, as it is your time to wind down, relax and celebrate your new marriage status. Everything from booking the flights to deciding the hotel destination, you have the wonderful task of planning a once in a lifetime holiday! Most brides do take care of a lot of the planning so, by you doing this part, you are sure to save a lot of the stress!

Everlasting Bling

Traditionally, the groom is supposed to buy his new partners wedding ring, although there is generally no tradition on who buys the groom’s. This means you can decide on both! Most couples will let their partner choose the ring. After all, they are going to wear it for the rest of their life, so it’s only fair they have an input. Once you have decided on a style of ring, prices and what store to purchase from, it can be the groom’s duty to bring the bling.


diamond wedding ring

Arrive in Style

One of the main responsibilities and major factors of a great wedding day is the transportation. As the groom, this is your perfect opportunity to browse and even drive some classic cars.  Of all the things on the wedding checklist, your wedding car should be one of the top priorities and, unless you are staying over at the venue the night before, you are definitely going to need it! Why not combine two of the greatest things in life; cars and your wedding, and take on the task of sorting out the wedding car hire and/or chauffeur? While looking for your perfect car, you can include your groom’s party and make a day of car picking. Do you know your car parts? It could be a whole load of fun!

We understand how important your wedding day is and many think all the planning and organising is down to the bride. However, this is not the case and by the groom chipping in and taking some tasks, he can not only help with the smooth sailing of the day but can also take some stress away from it all. After all, you’re in this together as partners. From the wedding car to the speech, the groom has many responsibilities.

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Groom for Improvement: The Man’s Responsibilities
Groom for Improvement: The Man’s Responsibilities
The wedding day is usually associated with a stressed-out bride-to-be planning and organising every detail. But, as traditions change and grow, we see duties change and adapt.
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