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Everything You Need to Know About Royal Ascot

19 Jun 2017

This week, thousands of race-goers will be gathering at the renowned grounds of Ascot for a 5-day spectacle of fashion, racing, fine dining and ultimate tradition. From the 20th to the 24th June, ladies will be tottering in their finest heels, gentlemen will be flaunting their shiniest cufflinks, and Raymond Blanc Chefs will be serving their finest cuisine to hungry attendees.

This event oozes prestige and requires visitors and workers alike to be reflecting the event with all its style and stature. Smart City Weddings have all the information regarding the event and how you can make sure you arrive in style, with as much elegance and panache as the occasion deserves.

Prepare for Royal Ascot

The Finest Traditions

The event was founded by Queen Anne in 1711, with the first ever race being titled “Your Majesty’s Plate”. Just over 100 years later in 1813, Parliament passed an act which ensured that the grounds would remain a public racecourse, then moving on to opening a grandstand 15 years later which cost a grand total of £10000.
Each year, this occasion sees Elizabeth II as well as other members of the royal family arriving at the event in horse drawn carriage, with the royal procession taking place at the beginning of every race day. This royal tradition persists to this day and is now considered one of the biggest in the British Social Calendar.

Food and Drink

The fine dining at the Ascot is as royal as the well-known faces attending. The Royal Meeting provides exquisite dishes from Michelin Starred chefs. All the a la carte menus are designed by the award-winning team, harmoniously presented with the finest champagne and wines. As a part of the royal treatment, you can treat yourself to a fine dining package, choosing from one of the many restaurants available in the Village Enclosure, the Queen Anne Enclosure and the Royal Enclosure or even having your own personal box in the grandstand for your table.

Travel Arrangements

The race course does allow for parking with no labels required but can rack up a price tag. One car parking space shall be allocated to owners of the vehicle and two spaces for a partnership or syndicate. There are also options to book a helicopter entrance to the races. If you are planning on sipping on a couple of glasses of fizz, and toasting the royal celebrations with the clink of glasses, we advise you to not drive and arrange appropriate transport. When arranging your transportation, think about how prestigious this occasion is. Your vehicle should reflect this. A red-soled shoe could match a red Rolls Royce Dawn, or your Versace gown to subtly pair with a Golden Rolls Royce Ghost – and have you ever considered a convertible?

Rolls Royce Ghost Gold

Dress Code
2017 sees a newly updated style guide for The Royal Ascot, with new provisions meaning an excuse to go on a shopping venture. All the different areas have a variety of style, but surprisingly this year has become slightly more relaxed. The jumpsuit has even made it onto the list of permitted clothing into the Royal Enclosure. Seeing as the event is extremely well known for its strict formality and elegance in fashion, allowing the jumpsuit is a big leap for traditions. Of course, the jumpsuit still needs to be in length with no shorts. If you want a more relaxed style, and maybe a cropped leg, this will be allowed in the Queen Anne Enclosure.

The last time such a notable change was made at the Ascot was back in 1971 when the trouser suit was made a part of the dress code for women.

The general rule of thumb is for smart clothes, no promotional or replica sports shirts, and no fancy dress or novelty clothing. However, no formal dress code applies in the Windsor Enclosure. Whatever the dress code for the Enclosure you are in, keep in mind that “The Royal Ascot is synonymous with sartorial elegance”. This is held up by the dress code, and no matter how tradition changes an occasion heralded as a major fashion event should stay sufficiently regal. You can find a full guide to each Enclosure here.

Don’t forget:

– Have you got your accommodation?
– Brushed up on your betting knowledge?
– Have you got your transport booked?
– Organised your fine dining experience or perfect picnic?
– Have you Checked out the updated style guide?
– Got enough money to reap the profits?

Your transport is maybe one of the most crucial parts of your organisation for Ascot. Have you got it booked yet? If you want to arrive in sheer style, elegance and luxury, we have the answer for you. If you would like to discuss our cars and our services more, simply get in touch as we would love to discuss your exciting trip to Ascot.

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Everything You Need to Know About Royal Ascot
Everything You Need to Know About Royal Ascot
Smart City Weddings have all the information regarding the event and how you can make sure you arrive in style, with as much elegance and panache as the occasion deserves.
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