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Shopping in London

Christmas Shopping in Style

30 Nov 2017

Its that time of year again – a time for festivities including mulled wine, plenty of Christmas food and, of course, shopping for Christmas gifts.

While some may get excited at the thought of Christmas gift shopping, others may see it as more of a chore. However, it’s the perfect opportunity to make the occasion special and approach the ‘chore’ differently.

There is nothing quite like getting into the festive spirit with a spot of Christmas shopping, visiting a Christmas market or even planning a full Christmas shopping extravaganza in one of the best places to do so – London!

Make a Day of Shopping in Style

You could even make a day of it and make it into a fun and exciting trip. Smart City Weddings can turn any Christmas shopping excursion into an exciting day out for all involved with our shopping car hire in London, but how?


Christmas Shopping Shouldn’t Be Stressful

Of all the words you may use to describe Christmas shopping, stressful may be on the top of the list. The carrying of endless shopping bags, the walking in the rain between stores, the hustle and bustle of rushing shoppers and getting back to your car to stuff what you can in the boot; no one wants to do any of this.

With the luxury of a private chauffeur in London, you will feel anything but stressed. You can take your time, relax and stroll from shop to shop, knowing that your driver will pick you up and take you to your next destination at your personal convenience. Our drivers are also extremely knowledgeable of all areas in London, so you don’t even need to know the area. They will know the best areas to go, so you can tick everything off your Christmas gift list.

More Money for Gifts?

Taking your car to London, particularly Central London, for your Christmas Shopping trip can be an expensive option. When you consider parking charges and the congestion charge, or maybe even the costs of public transport such as buses, trains and the underground, you can rack up a hefty amount.

You don’t know how long you may need to shop for to get everything you need. Stores stay open late in London, especially at Christmas time, but you don’t want to be rushing back to your car because of your car ticket limit or to even catch public transport.

With your own personal chauffeur, there is none of the surprise costs or missing schedules, meaning that you won’t need to worry about a thing!

Why Not Make a Day of It?

It’s Christmas – which means celebrations and plenty of treats for all your loved ones. This is a good enough excuse as any to make a day of it and get some friends involved. Why not plan your day with some loved ones to do a spot of shopping, go out for lunch and even have a quick glass of fizz to celebrate the festive season?

There’s no need for you and your friends to rush. You can do as you please, take in the festive sights and indulge in the true spirit of Christmas, and your chauffeur will be patiently waiting for you and your shopping bags.

Treat Yourself – It’s Christmas

Of all the times to treat yourself, Christmas is one of the best occasions. You are venturing out to treat others with gifts, so why not treat yourself in doing so? You shouldn’t feel that Christmas is just a time for others, it’s also a time for yourself, and for relaxing. After a long year of working, you deserve a gift also. There is no better way to find a gift for yourself than to make your Christmas shopping a relaxing and memorable trip!

A shopping trip is a treat, so why not make the entire experience a treat? You could even buy yourself a Christmas present to take home – you deserve something special after all that shopping.


Ride in Style This Christmas

Having a chauffeur driven vehicle makes perfect sense, especially in London. It erases all need for you to drag your shopping bags around the city. You can simply drop whatever you’ve purchased with the driver and carry on with your relaxing, stress-free shopping trip.

Not only will you feel super relaxed, but you will feel like a true VIP. You’ll be treated like a star from beginning to end, allowing you to travel in the utmost comfort and style. The drive will be almost as enjoyable as the shopping itself.

Why not do what many discerning shoppers do, and take the strain out of your Christmas shopping? By booking our shopping car hire service you will feel relaxed, and most probably get all of your shopping done in one day! Wouldn’t that be a relief?


If you would like any further information about our shopping car hire service for your Christmas shopping trip, simply get in touch with the Smart City Weddings team.

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