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Budgeting for Prom

13 Jun 2017

With prom season just around the corner, it’s definitely not too early to start planning and making sure that every detail is both taken care of and perfect.

With your dress or suit, accessories, and transportation amongst other things to worry about, it’s natural to think you might not know how to budget for everything.

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Budgeting for Prom is Easy Once you Know How

Prom doesn’t, however, need to be a big expense that leaves you out of pocket: you can plan every detail to your needs and find the right solutions within your budget. Here at Smart City Weddings we always work with you to provide you with a great experience and meet your budget. Going to prom is a happy event, not one to worry about breaking the piggy bank!

So, what steps can you take to budget for your prom?

What You’re Wearing

Whether you’re looking for your tuxedo or for your prom dress, finding the ideal outfit in time is something to keep in mind. No one likes to rush an outfit and feel like you’ve missed something important. By knowing exactly what you want to wear and looking for it in advance, you can coordinate accessories easily.

If you’re looking for a tuxedo, finding a nice suit might seem like a big expense for the night but you’ll thank yourself later on. You’ll be going on job interviews quite frequently and you can make use of your prom suit to look smart.

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Hair and Makeup

In addition to finding beautiful accessories to match your outfit, don’t forget your hair and makeup. Booking them both in advance ensures you have your first choice available to you and won’t have to book someone you wouldn’t necessarily prefer.

You can also ask one of your talented relatives for a pampering session! If anyone you know has amazing makeup or hair styling skills – or even their own salon – you can always save on costs by asking them for help. You can look online for hairstyle inspiration that fits with your dress style and your personal fashion interests.

How You’re Arriving

One of the most important details to plan for prom is how you’ll be arriving – and how you can leave the best possible impression on your peers! You will be, after all, moving on to the next stage of your life after prom. Hiring a car for your prom doesn’t have to be a big expense; here at Smart City Weddings we have a wide range of vehicles you can choose from, and we always work closely with you to provide you with the most cost-effective solution for your budget.

And what better way to arrive at your prom than in a luxury car driven by one of our professional chauffeurs? You can hire one of our cars for your prom in London or in the surrounding areas, guaranteeing you an experience you’ll never forget – even when you’re looking back at your student days. The excitement of the night (which had its origins in the USA) will only increase as you sit back and relax on your way to the venue; our chauffeurs will ensure you arrive safely and on time so that you have nothing to worry about.

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Get in touch with our friendly team to know more about hiring our services for your prom.

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Budgeting for Prom
Budgeting for Prom
With your dress or suit, accessories, and transportation amongst other things to worry about, it’s natural to think you might not know how to budget for everything.
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