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2018 Wedding Trends to Look Out For

29 Dec 2017

Is 2018 the year you are finally going to take the plunge? Planning a wedding can often seem like an overwhelming concept; from the finer details, such as seating arrangements, to larger elements, like finding the perfect reception venue – there is a lot to consider. Make sure you are one step ahead of the game, with our pick of wedding trends we are likely to see in 2018.

On Trend in 2018 for Weddings

Quirky Cakes

As years go by, and modern weddings are becoming more popular, the rise of the ‘personal touch’ when it comes to your big day is evident. Gone are the days of the standard three-tier, fruit, sponge and chocolate combo, and in its place we are welcoming more quirky selections.

Cakes made entirely with giant wheels of cheese, or intricately decorated doughnuts arranged in tiers to replicate that of more traditional offerings – 2018 will provide a platform for the truly unique options available.

Light Up Your Life

You’ve seen it throughout 2017; the life-sized illuminated ‘LOVE’ sign, that countless weddings have been adorned with, poised, ready and waiting for the Instagram worthy shots of blissful couples dancing, but what does 2018 have in store for this trend?

This next year, lighting will see an upgrade. Instead of just the word ‘LOVE’ being replicated, we will see the rise of the wedded couples new marital name being spelt out, instead. ‘MR & MRS’ will now take centre stage in those shots that the rest of the world are itching to see, and are certain to create beautiful, lasting memories for you and your guests.

Do It Yourself

A trend really taking off in 2018 is the influx of DIY or, the ‘Do It Yourself’ option. A trend owed almost entirely to wedding inspiration ‘heaven’ website Pinterest, it has never been as easy to customise your big day.

From handmade invitations to home-crafted decorations, the possibilities are endless, and these personal touches are what make your wedding special.

Car Comfort

A trend which shows no sign of going out of fashion is making sure you arrive at the venue in style. A ride providing the elegance, comfort, and stress-free journey that you and your loved ones deserve, ensures a pain-free and private experience, meaning that your first moments of married life are able to be wholly enjoyed.

In one of the busiest cities in the world, our knowledgeable drivers are sure to get you to the venue the Smart way; in style, and on time.

With so much to think about, let us relieve some of the stress of your big day – Contact us to discuss your Wedding Car Hire in London options.

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