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7 More Unique Wedding Venues in London

29 May 2019

We’ve previously written about nine unique wedding venues in London that are perfect for making your special day even more special. But the capital is a huge city and has plenty more to offer – with that in mind, we’ve compiled more unique wedding venues you can find in London.

These venues complement a variety of wedding themes and preferences and will ensure the most beautiful pictures – they will also make for a memorable day you’ll treasure forever! So, have a look at our top picks for more unique wedding venues.

1. Altitude London, Sky Loft Gallery

Seating Capacity: 550 guests

The beautiful Sky Loft Gallery offers wonderful panoramic views of the city and provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. This stunning warehouse-style venue has an in-house catering service as well, so it’s one less thing to worry about when planning your big day. This romantic space is quintessentially British and industrial-looking at the same time, with gorgeous exposed brickwork and reclaimed wood for the floor. The breath-taking views of London can be enjoyed through large windows that offer plenty of natural light as well. The perfect venue for a memorable day!

2. West End on the Thames

Seating Capacity: 120 guests

Few things are more unique than getting married on the Thames. The WEOTT II allows you to fulfil this life-long dream by offering a large open deck which spans the entire roof of the ship; with 360o views of the river and of London’s skyline, we’re confident this venue will give you one-of-a-kind photos you’ll look back on fondly for many years to come. Perfect for all personal tastes, you will be able to customise this two-floor venue with any features you desire, for example a DJ booth or special-effects lighting.

3. Tower Bridge

Seating Capacity: 250 guests

It doesn’t get more unique than this iconic landmark. Many people don’t know they can tie the knot in the world-famous Tower Bridge but, should you choose to do so, you will benefit from gorgeous glass-floored, high-level walkways, as well as fantastic sights of the city and the Thames. You also get the option of choosing between two other spaces for weddings and reception events: the North Tower Lounge and the Victorian Engine Rooms, both offering their own unique theme.

Tower Bridge in London, UK

4. The Depot

Seating Capacity: 280 guests

This contemporary venue is ideal for those looking for something different on their wedding day. With a chic and industrial-looking décor, this venue is located near King’s Cross station and radiates plenty of charm both you and your guests will fall in love with. The relaxed and modern atmosphere is complemented with a bar full of fantastic craft keg beers, local ales and delicious food.

5. Billiard Room

Seating Capacity: 60 guests

If you’re looking for a more intimate venue that still offers a touch of uniqueness, then the Billiard Room is the perfect choice for you. With its low-key club vibes and antique billiard table, as well as whimsical furniture and 1950s décor, the stunning space is ideal for any couple seeking a truly unforgettable day – as well as pictures! From plasma monitors and smart board to electronic flip charts and portable computers, the Billiard Room is a dream-like retreat in the middle of the capital.

6. Dead Dolls House

Seating Capacity: 250 guests

Despite the name, Dead Dolls House is actually an elegant and sophisticated venue we’re sure you’ll adore. The Victorian building is decorated in a quirky and modern style inspired by stately homes. With several individual rooms for hire, you can have the reception you always envisioned, be it an intimate affair or larger wedding parties. The gold tabletops, velvet-covered chairs and gorgeous crystal chandeliers add a touch of romance that is impossible not to appreciate on your special day. This venue is suitable for all budgets, allowing you to easily host the wedding of your choice.

7. Foundling Museum

Seating Capacity: 100 guests

Art lovers will surely love this venue. It commemorates the history of Thomas Coram’s Foundling Hospital and the way artists have helped to improve the lives of many children over the last 270 years. If you choose to have your wedding at this fantastic venue, you and your guests will be able to enjoy the many collections and exhibitions on display, as well as the beautiful architecture of the space. The picturesque rooms, as well as the amazing history of the building, will certainly make for a unique wedding ceremony.

Newlywed Couple Dancing Wedding Celebration

After choosing your wedding venue, how will you get there? With Smart City Weddings, you don’t need to worry about the logistics – and stress – of driving on your special day. Our trained chauffeurs will take you and your guests to any venue in the capital, so kick back, relax and enjoy the best wedding car hire in London.

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